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Why is the number of entrepreneurs declining in Quebec?

Why is the number of entrepreneurs declining in Quebec?

The desire to become an entrepreneur in Quebec is in sharp decline, according to a new study by the National Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Research. Entrepreneurs face more complications when faced with economic instability of this kind, explains Guy Martel, president and CEO of the Quebec Movement for Quality.

“Entrepreneurs see a much more complex wall in front of them than in the past,” he insists. 8:30 pm..

From now on, the job of a business manager requires a lot of “diversity”. Therefore, the ability to adapt to new issues and contexts becomes essential.

“The entrepreneur will have to be tactful to make important and strategic decisions. He will have to bring himself down to the operations level and get his hands dirty to collaborate with his employees,” explains Mr. Martel.

He points out that the “social aspect” is now gaining huge momentum among entrepreneurs, and they must take into account criteria, such as “good looks.”

However, Mr. Martel says he is confident about the younger generations. “We must continue to be bold and confident in the face of challenges, as this is the only way we will overcome them,” comments Mr. Martel.

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