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Why doesn't water come out of the bottle in free fall?  Experience

Why doesn't water come out of the bottle in free fall? Experience

If we make holes in a bottle half full of water, it will come out of the holes due to the force of gravity. However, if the same bottle is dropped, the water suddenly stops falling.

To do this experiment, take… Bottle without capMake a few holes in the bottom of the bottle and temporarily plug it with your fingers. at this point Fill the water bottle And unleash the holes. The water will start to Get out of the holes And it falls down: so far nothing strange.

Surprisingly, this behavior stops immediately when the bottle falls. long a path autumn, Water no longer comes out of the holes.

The bottle falls and water does not come out of the holes

But how is this possible? Let's start noticing this in the initial stage, when we get pregnant bottle We stop them – exactly – Prevents you from fallingWhile the water is free to fall to the bottom and out of the holes.

Holes for water falling from the bottle

But if We drop the bottleSo the two bodies begin, i.e. the bottle and the water fall together With the same acceleration (gravitational acceleration g), and therefore they are fixed with respect to each other. The two bodies are said to be in… Free fall That's why we find them there Absence of apparent weight.

In fact, when the bottle falls, the weight of the water does not affect the bottom of the bottle itself, because it goes down with the water. Therefore, since water is always bound to the bottle, it is inevitable Stop running away Holes. Once it reaches the ground, the bottle will remain stationary again and the liquid will flow again.

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This is the same principle that makes astronauts on the International Space Station “float” as if there were no gravity. As with the water and the bottle, gravity is present, but the space station “descends” towards Earth with the same acceleration as the astronauts, so the latter remain fixed relative to the station and are subject to the absence of apparent weight. .