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Why do you listen to sad songs during a breakup?

Imagining scenarios, identifying with lyrics… Having our hearts broken can lead us to want to mourn the relationship in our own way. This often involves listening to sad music, even if it hurts us. However, according to several studies, this is completely normal.

Why do we listen to sad songs when we are bad?

When the heart is in pain, we may be tempted to do ourselves more harm by listening to sad songs. But why this behavior? Experts researched this issue, in investigation titled The irony of sadness caused by music. 772 people participated. There can read the following: The results show four different rewards for music-induced grief: reward for imagination, emotion regulation, empathy, and disengagement. ” The real life “. In fact, welcoming negative emotions here brings people a form of solace.

The power of music to heal a breakup

According to the study, this practice is especially relevant for people for whom empathy plays an important role in their daily lives. So, soothing oneself to sad music can sometimes bring a certain kind of pleasure! Basically, it is memory and especially memories that arise when one listens to a sad song.

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