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Whitecaps 2 – Montreal CF 1 |  CF Montreal loses in the final of the Canadian Championship

Whitecaps 2 – Montreal CF 1 | CF Montreal loses in the final of the Canadian Championship

Sports have the power to excite. He has this ability to raise a person in his act as a national hero and to create moments of public euphoria. However, on Wednesday evening, he showed what had been elusive: all his cruelty.

In the first half, Montreal goalkeeper Jonathan Siroa played one of the best two halves of a goalkeeper in a Montreal uniform. He made six saves, most of them very complex, including one with a toe hit after a deflection. A little caviar.

If teams go down to the locker room with a clean score, it’s thanks to the janitor.

Then in the second half, in a pitiful match, it all fell apart. Siruis advanced into his area to clear the far middle with his foot, but the Vancouver Whitecaps player came between Quebec and the skin. So that same player, Brian White, spun the ball around while Siroa got up and scored the easiest goal of his career.

Then the jailer let himself fall and nodded and might well wonder if there was justice in sports. Although he admitted after the final, knowing that “football is a sport in which there is not always justice.”

However, that was what Impact cared about: its brilliance. Once the dam gave way, the locals never looked back. Despite a glimmer of hope that caught Sonusi Ibrahim late in the game, the Montreal team lost their flag 2-1 in the final of the Canadian Championship.

“I would say a little bit is hard to digest. I feel very, very disappointed. It was a final and a chance to win the title. It’s not an opportunity that comes every year. So I was definitely very emotionally invested,” the 21-year-old goalkeeper dropped after the duel.

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This is Siroa’s first season with Montreal, moreover, as a rookie. Some even saw him in the national team for the matches played in June, but he was not selected. It was precisely under the watchful eye of Maple Leafs coach John Herdman that he experienced this heartbreaking performance.

However, his performance won him praise. If Losada toned down a bit the way his goalkeeper played by saying he would have been a man of the match if the duel had gone to penalties, the head coach of the Whitecaps, did not hesitate to praise Siroa. .

Jonathan was the best player on the field tonight. And quite. It’s the only reason they got into the game. […] The real score should be 4-1.

Vinnie Sartini, head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps

The result seems fair enough.

Better luck next time

According to Lozada, the soccer players came close to the penalty shootout. “Without an exceptional save, we tied,” he explained.

Admittedly, Ariel Lassiter missed a chance at halftime and Yohei Takaoka made two important saves late in the game, but the Montreal squad can’t claim to steal anything. However, it is a “no regrets” performance according to Lozada.

“We gave everything we had in the end. Then, with the result, it’s easy to talk about. It’s the same in football. Why did we do this, why didn’t we. We started with the team we thought was the best and we made the changes to force something and we stayed.” In the game until the end, ”the Argentine pointed out.

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What Losada preferred to remember from this meeting was the “amazing experience” the juniors had from participating in the final. Undoubtedly, yes, experiment, but we shouldn’t get hung up on this weirdness, says Serwa.

“It’s a big game, I think all the players knew that,” he said. On the other hand, collectively we have to quickly turn the page, we also have a season to play and games that are fast approaching. So I think we’ll have to take the next step.

On the other hand, one thing is for sure: I will want revenge and come back to the final, that’s for sure.

In the event that he could make such offers, it would only be a delay.

Above: Senussi Ibrahim

Man of the moment on the CF Montreal side. The Nigerian striker scored again and became the top scorer in the Canadian tournament for the second year in a row. He brought the half-ball played by the Montreal team back into the game. What’s more, a header from the end of the match almost leveled the score.

Down: Ahmed Hamdy

After a very successful performance against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday, Losada decided to give Al-Masry the No. 10 role in the final match. However, he was not thanked. Hamdy was unable to create chances for his teammates and missed the penalty kick that led to the Whitecaps’ second goal. This attacking midfield position is beginning to create a headache for the Gentlemen as no one really takes their chance.

Match number: 16

search for 17H Canadian title, Bleu-blanc-noir was unable to lift the Voyageurs Cup again. Thus, his number of victories remains at 16. It is thus the Whitecaps who return, for the second consecutive year, to the CONCACAF Champions Cup place in 2024.

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