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WhatsApp: discover the three new features of the latest version

WhatsApp is a bit like Pokemon Messaging! Where others stagnate and never improve, Meta never stops evolving and developing “new powers”. We learned for example, a few days ago, that soon it will be possible to convert voice messages into text. How do you boost your game to stay at the top of the rankings and stay ahead of your direct competitors? by checking regularly New features, just like the latest version.

WhatsApp: Always Bigger, Always Higher!

This is indeed what users of version have been able to discover (go to Settings > Helpers > App info to check). First of all, you can take the frustration out of some today Send 100 photos/videos at the same time. Convenient when returning from a joint event with friends or family. Until then, the limit was 30, so that’s a huge improvement. Another important fact, now you can Transfer files up to 2 GB in size ! This means that you can, for example, send high quality video files, be it 4K or more. Also way to transfer your large files to a computer because it is possible to send messages to yourself. Thus you can avoid connecting your phone to your computer or saturating your files in the cloud.

Another novelty, perhaps less “revolutionary” but having the merit of being, is now possible Choose 100 characters long name for whatsapp groups. It’s a lot but some people might find it useful. (That last sentence has 60 characters in it, so you understand my skepticism about a title that would make the extra 40 characters). Surely those same users will be pleased to know that group descriptions will also be able to expand more words.

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The main thing is that it makes a person happy!