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What to know about Online Blackjack in Canada?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and it is no wonder it is featured in every online casino. However, Canadian players should keep a few things in mind when looking to play blackjack online. In this article we will discuss the legality of online blackjack in Canada, the types of blackjack games available to Canadians, and what the best sites to play blackjack online are.

Top Blackjack Casino Sites Available to Canadians

There are tons of online blackjack casinos but how to choose the right option for you. The professional gambler and reviewer, Alexander Birch, gives us a hint by ranking the top Canadian online blackjack sites at Here is an overview of them:


Betsafe offers 18 games of RNG Blackjack and 20+ of live Blackjack. Betsafe is the most famous online casino providing Canadians with a welcome bonus to get started. The welcome bonus will allow you to boost your starting bankroll and play with larger bets. This feature is attractive to first time players. Moreover, betsafe is easy to play on the go with 30+ mobile games.


Casoola offers 30 RNG games of Blackjack, 36+ live Blackjack games, and 25+ mobile Blackjack games. Casoola also offers a generous welcome bonus to get started and is mobile friendly. Casoola uniquely offers a wide variety and interesting list of casino games. Casoola is recognized for its unique options available to players.

Voodoo Dreams

Voodoo Dreams has 11 RNG Blackjack games available and 19+ live Blackjack games available. Voodoo dreams offer a welcome bonus as well. They offer up to $1600 welcome bonus and 200 bonus spins on Book of Dead to get players started. Voodoo Dreams is also mobile friendly offering 30+ mobile Blackjack games available at your disposal. Voodoo Dreams is recognized for being the Canadian top-rated casino for high rollers.

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PartyCasino offers 20 RNG Blackjack games and 21+ live Blackjack games. PartyCasino offers a decent welcome bonus giving players 100% up to $500 and 20 free spins to get players started. PartyCasino is mobile. Friendly offering 20+ mobile Blackjack games. PartyCasino is known for having the best jackpots.


JackpotCity offers 40 RNG Blackjack games and 40+ live Blackjack games. Offering a welcome bonus of up to $1600 deposit Bonus. JackpotCity is extremely mobile friendly offering 75+ mobile Blackjack games. If you’re looking to play on the go JackpotCity is the ideal choice for you.

Frank and Fred

Frank and Fred is a smaller website that offers 8 RNG Blackjack games and 19+ live Blackjack games. Frank and Fred are also mobile friendly offering 25+ mobile Blackjack games. They offer a generous welcome bonus to new players. Giving players 100% up to $1000. Frank and Fred also offer players with good wagering requirements.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino offers 28 RNG Blackjack games and 50+ live Blackjack games. Spin Casino is also extremely mobile friendly which is great for players who are always on the run. Spin Casino offers 70+ mobile Blackjack games. Spin gives new players a welcome bonus of up to $1000. If you are interested in live dealer Blackjack Spin Casino may be the choice for you as they have the largest selection of live dealer Blackjack tables.


Betway offers 26 RNG Blackjack games and 32+ live Blackjack games. They are also mobile friendly offering 50+ mobile Blackjack games to players. Betway offers the largest welcome sum bonus offering up to $1750. This welcome bonus can be extremely helpful to beginner players to get them started.

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QueenVegas offers 23 RNG Blackjack games and 25+ live Blackjack games. Like the other online casinos QueenVegas is also mobile friendly offering 45+ mobile Blackjack games to players. QueenVegas offers a satisfactory welcome bonus of 100% up to $450 plus 50 free spins on Dragon Ship. QueenVegas also offers an excellent Demo mode to players.

RNG Blackjack VS. Live Dealer Blackjack

RNG blackjack uses a random number generator whereas live dealer blackjack are games that are operated by real human croupiers (also known as live dealers). Most Canadian blackjack sites offer both, but we will be comparing the two. Both have advantages and disadvantages so we will be discussing both games to help you choose which one is best suited for you!

RNG Blackjack

–       Good for beginners.

–       Wide betting range.

–       Normally allow small wagers.

–       Most online RNG blackjack games can be played in demo mode, this allows players to practice before they spend money in a real game with higher stakes.

–       Unlike live dealer blackjack, RNG tables allow you to control the pace of the game giving you an unlimited amount of time to place bets.

Live Dealer Blackjack

–       Great for players who want to play games with real dealers but cannot visit an actual Casino.

–       You can interact with other players.

–       With good internet you can stream tables in HD mode.

–       As close as you will get to a real casino experience.

–       A disadvantage is that you must play at the dealer’s pace, if you are too slow you can miss a hand.

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–       Fast decision making.

–       Bets must be placed quickly.

–       Larger minimum bets therefore larger bankroll.

RNG blackjack is best suited for beginners as it is slow paced, gives players time to think, and lets players play in demo mode. Live dealer Blackjack is best suited for players looking to be in a real-life immersive casino experience. Live dealer Blackjack is also better suited for players with some more experience as it is very fast paced.

Legality of Online Blackjack in Canada

Online gambling, including blackjack, is completely legal. Many forms of land-based gambling activities have been legalized by the government; this also applies to internet gambling. Online gambling is a bit more complicated, but it is important to note that it is not illegal to play games such as online blackjack, online poker , online slot machines and so on . However, it is illegal to operate a web-based casino from Canada. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is entitled with the right and responsibility to regulate many online casinos with or without online blackjack options. They oversee that these online casinos follow the guidelines and regulations. The Kahnawake Nation has also received permission from the government to provide Canadians with casino websites. While online gambling is seen sometimes as a grey area, online blackjack players should not be worried because as of right now it is completely legal and overseen by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.