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What do netizens think of this latest composition? (Opinion)

Available since then December 1, 2021, season 3 of lost in space It was quickly pushed to the top of the list of most watched content on Netflix. Defying the laws of gravity, the series continues to remain weightless in third place in the top 10.

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The success of a trilogy based on a series of the sixties

This enthusiasm among the participants confirms the good decision of flow A renovation of the family trilogy created by Matt Sasama and Burke Sharpless. As a reminder, this original production takes us thirty years into the future, as the Robinson family is chosen to start a new life in a space colony.

And if the playing field sounds familiar to you, it’s not for nothing that “Lost in Space” (or Lost in Space in the original version) actually happened to be an adaptation of a series of the same title that aired in the 1960s and was created by Erwin Allen.

What happens in this last chapter?

Consists of 8 episodes, Season 3 resumes with higher stakes, just as much to say that the Robinsons’ survival instincts will be tested.

Indeed, after being trapped for a year on a mysterious planet, Jody, Benny, Will and the robot must lead 97 young colonists in a heartbreaking evacuation, but not before discovering secrets that will change their lives forever. Meanwhile, John and Maureen, along with Don, have to face enormous obstacles as they try to find their children. The Robinsons will then have to face the emotional challenge of not only being lost, but also being separated from those they love…

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What do netizens think of this final?

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