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Jorginho doesn't want to give De Bruyne space

Jorginho doesn’t want to give De Bruyne space

Jorginho at a press conference on Friday.Respect Belgium, because it is number 1 in the world“But the Italian playmaker also knows that”All teams have their weak pointsItaly faces Belgium on Friday (9 pm) in Munich, in the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship.

Italy and Chelsea playmaker Jorginho may find his way on Friday Kevin De BruyneManchester City spearhead. The two men have intersected several times since the Italian arrived in London in 2018, especially in the last Champions League final, which Manconian won 1-0.

De Bruyne remains uncertain after his injury against Portugal, but the Italians are preparing as if he will be at the Allianz Arena on Friday. “the coach Mancini He didn’t ask me for advice on how to stop De Bruyne‘ said Jorginho.De Bruyne has a very high level of football intelligence and trying to stop him is difficult because he always finds the right spaces. We must try to limit him, because when he passes very strong balls between the defenders and the goalkeeper, he is very dangerous. He should not be allowed to turn around.“Jorginho thinks that Belgium”Not surprisingly, they’ve been playing that way for a few years now. They are strong.

Many great countries, such as France, the world champion, Portugal, the European champion, or Germany have already taken the door in this Euro. “No more easy matches today“Jorginho’s analysis.”There are no more teams you tell yourself “it’s easy” against. With the current tactical organization and the physical nature of this football, there are no more matches to be played as before. We hope to create a surprise. We still believe in it. We have to do that, keep going and see where we can get. I hope this group’s thirst for victory helps us.

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Guys realize that in this cycle, we can’t make mistakesPlaymaker continued.The biggest mistake would be to think that you’ve already done something great. You always have to work harder because sacrifices are necessary to achieve great goals. The way is right, we have to bite the bullet, which we do.

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