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Visual studio icon 1.66.1

Microsoft released the March 2022 release of its integrated development environment: Visual Studio Code 1.66. Here are some of the most interesting contributions to this release

local history

Local file history is now available in view Chronology. Depending on the configured settings, each time you save an editor, a new entry is added to the list:

Each local history entry contains the full contents of the file at the time the entry was created, and in some cases may provide more semantic information (for example, it indicates a rebuild).

From the entry you can:

  • Compare changes to the local file or previous entry.
  • Restore content.
  • Delete or rename the entry.

Improved station search

When searching the device, all instances of the search term will now be highlighted. The selected match currently also has a specific feature, which can be customized separately.

You can fine-tune the appearance of accent colors with color customizations.

CSS trainer

The built-in CSS plugin now comes with a formatter. The trainer works with CSS, LESS, and SCSS. It is implemented by the JS Beautify library

JavaScript heap profiles

The JavaScript debugger now supports compilation and rendering of heap profiles. Heap profiles allow you to see where and how much memory is allocated over time. Added as an option in Debug: Take Performance Profile, which can also be accessed via the record button in the Call Stack view.

Visual Studio Code 1.66 can be downloaded from the file official site.

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