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[VIDÉO] This is a model energy-efficient citizen: he even uses his furnace to reduce his heating bill

[VIDÉO] This is a model energy-efficient citizen: he even uses his furnace to reduce his heating bill

A father turns off the heating in his house at the beginning of the morning rush hour, after it had overheated it at the end of the night. Aside from the financial savings his sober lifestyle brings him, he is convinced that his actions help ensure a sustainable future for his children.

Denis Boyer lives with his two daughters and his wife of Mexican origin in a residence in the Verdun neighborhood of Montreal. This is the real “crazy” in energy sobriety.

“If everyone saved about a kilowatt, that would be a huge energy saving,” he said.

During our visit, Mr. Boyer shared his proven energy saving techniques. He emphasizes with conviction the importance of reducing electricity consumption during peak periods.

To maximize savings, Mr. Boyer participates in Hydro-Québec's dynamic billing during the winter. It does all of this on its own, without the use of smart thermostats or Hilo service.

Photo of Denis Boyer in his apartment on Banantine Street, in Montreal, on Friday, February 16, 2024. For a file on citizens' energy consumption. QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

Therefore, he has a special routine during the winter peaks. He wakes up very early, before the challenges begin which generally start at 6am. He heats his 1,600-square-foot home, even running his furnace at full blast. Then, at 6 a.m., he turns off the electric heating. The oven door opens which then releases a lot of heat.

The most important thing, he says, is to never feel uncomfortable. He also criticizes French methods that limit the temperature to 19 degrees.

“We must not enter into a state of discomfort […] “My wife is Mexican and very cold,” Mr. Boyer says with a laugh.

It is a heat pump that heats almost the entire house.

Mr. Boyer's actions are numerous:

  • He hasn't bought a trash bag in 20 years. At home, empty potato chip bags serve as trash bags (see photo).
  • It works to reduce electricity consumption during peak periods by adopting energy saving practices.
  • It uses water containers in the refrigerator to obtain cold water, which reduces water waste.
  • Take a quick shower by turning off the water to prepare the soap and reducing the water flow to save every drop.
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature by adjusting the thermostat and insulating the house well to reduce heat loss.
  • Turns off lights in unused rooms.
  • Manages his home devices without an Internet connection.
  • Lives densely with next-door neighbors to save energy.

He said that Mr. Boyer's efforts are not limited to his home, but extend to his community.

“By reducing my water and energy consumption, I help conserve resources and reduce the burden on local infrastructure.”