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video |  The passengers of a falling elevator live a terrifying moment

video | The passengers of a falling elevator live a terrifying moment

Three passengers of a Chinese elevator were injured after a malfunction caused them to fall freely for a short time, according to several Chinese media outlets.

Last Saturday, Li and two other elevator passengers in an apartment building witnessed a horrific scene in Changsha, Hunan Province.

“Everything was spinning. We were thrown into the air before we fell to the ground,” Lee told Newsflare.

The latter says that the elevator suddenly stopped while it was descending.

“He got stuck and didn’t move,” he added.

Then, the elevator had started to sway when it reached the fourth floor. Then, Lee tried to press the buttons on the other floors, with the only result being that the lights on the control panel went out.

That’s when the elevator suddenly fell into free fall.

The images captured by the security camera in the atrium made it possible to capture the moment when the elevator made its uncontrolled descent. One passenger hit the ceiling before falling back onto the elevator floor.

When the elevator stopped, Lee claimed he called the facility’s management as well as the emergency services. The latter quickly transported the three injured to the hospital.

Lee escaped with a few bruises on his leg, but another resident reportedly sustained two fractures to his lumbar vertebrae. The latter will continue to undergo treatment after his injury.

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The condition of the third passenger was not disclosed.