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Tropical Storm Fred will have effects as far as Quebec

Tropical Storm Fred will have effects as far as Quebec

SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 2021 12:54 p.m. – After a particularly intense heat wave, Quebecers must once again prepare for an episode of noticeable heat. Among the culprits Tropical Storm Fred.

After a long period of indifference, he begins to act again in the Atlantic. Fred, having lost his feathers (and back to a tropical depression) in the past few days, is in danger of regaining his strength. It will likely reach tropical storm status again over the weekend.

Continuous winds with a force of 55 km / h blow in its course, and the tropical depression continues in its path from west to northwest at a speed of 20 km / h.

Nearly 200 millimeters of rain is expected on Florida’s coastline by Tuesday, with up to 250 millimeters of rain likely to be seen in some places. Heavy rainfall may cause flash floods and torrential rains. Part of Alabama could also be affected by Fred earlier this week.

Fred 2

The Bermuda Highlands, which are heavily planted towards the east coast of America, are responsible for this path. It has two main functions: to experience tropical systems, which explains the route Fred takes to Florida; And the transmission of tropical air to the northern regions. When you are near the coast, an increase in humidity is to be expected.

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After entering the continent through the Gulf of Mexico, Fred will continue his march towards our latitudes. Its remnants could cause moderate precipitation (5 to 20 mm, for now) over southern Quebec.

Fred will have a side effect

However, Tropical Depression has other cards hidden up its sleeve. It’s already likely to improve on the heat already heading towards Quebec, as it pulls a good dose of moisture in its luggage. So these two factors will have a noticeable impact on mercury in the coming days in Quebec.

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Tangible temperatures above 35 are possible over the next week in southern and central Quebec – which wouldn’t necessarily have to be the case if Fred decided to take another route. This overwhelming humidity can comfortably settle in neighborhoods in the county between Wednesday and Saturday, a few days after a stifling heat wave.

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For now, Western Quebec could save itself from the high humidity, and it would rightly have hot but drier weather.

No rest: Once again, hot nights are on the radar. Minimum temperatures are expected to exceed 20°C during this period. However, according to current forecasts, this heat wave is less pronounced than the one just deflected.

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