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Video: Michel Charette transforms into the series “Marco Lachance”.

Video: Michel Charette transforms into the series “Marco Lachance”.

Located in the heart of the Limoilleux region of Quebec, this brave team has been busy for several weeks filming the dramatic comedy Marco Lachance, an original idea by Michel Charette and his partner François Chigner.

In front of the camera, we also witness another meeting of Radio Enver, where Michel Charette, who plays the title role in the series, connects with the wonderful actress Micheline Bernard, who plays his mother. See photos from the collection and our video interviews above.

The series is produced by ComediHa! Filmed entirely in Quebec, it tells the story of Marco Lachance, a single father who was once destined to become a big star in the Quebec music scene and who, 25 years later, is far from living the life he imagined. With his unwavering positive nature, he will take control of his destiny and reconnect with his passion to try to live his dream.

For this occasion, Michel Charette gave himself a completely different look, while having long hair, which immediately arouses eyebrows.

It's my idea! After doing District 31 and Le Bonheur, I wanted to go somewhere else.

Check out the interview on the subject below, where you can see the look in question.

I just want to make comfortable TV, TV that feels good. – Michel Charette

The stars of this new project directed by Yannick Savard also include: Hubert Proulx, Cédric Thévault, Cassandra Latrille, Madeleine Peloquin, Martine Moussau, Lise Roy, Evelyn Gelinas, Samantha Vince, Denis Holly, Mathieu Samson and many others.

In this proposal, which aims to bring happiness to the screen, music and the arts will feature prominently, while optimist Marco Lachance will become choir director. Thus, you will be able to hear actor Michel Charette singing, which is a rarity in his career.

I went to record some songs for the show at the studio in Bello. They made me feel so comfortable, it was extraordinary!

Marco Lachance's dramatic comedy is available in 12 30-minute episodes and will be broadcast from fall 2024 on Noovo.

See our photos taken on the set below.

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