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Video games are a vector of happiness in Canada, according to a survey

Video games are a vector of happiness in Canada, according to a survey

Gamers in Quebec and Canada associate video games with entertainment more (74%) than anywhere else in the world, according to a survey conducted in 12 countries, particularly by the Canadian Entertainment Software Association (ALD).

Quebecers in particular play video games to help them manage stress (75%), or to feel less anxious (62%). In Canada, these data reach 76% and 61%, respectively, which are higher numbers than observed internationally (71% and 61%, respectively).

[Ce sont] 29% of Canadian participants also reported that they play video games to maintain or improve their mental health, a higher percentage than the global average (24%).

The player happiness index in Quebec and Canada is also higher than worldwide. According to the survey, 67% of respondents across the country reported feeling happy while playing video games, compared to 64% globally. In Quebec, this number is 66%.

The survey found that 54% of people in Canada said that video games helped them get through difficult times in their lives (52% globally).

Play creates skills for work

Video games are not necessarily viewed as passive entertainment: the survey particularly highlights that 80% of gamers in Quebec (77% in Canada) believe they improve their cognitive abilities, compared to 69% worldwide.

It’s the same story for 77% of Quebec respondents, who say these productions improve their problem-solving skills (84% in Canada, 69% internationally) and that they develop their communication skills. (71% in Canada, 58% internationally).

The Power of Games report confirms on a global scale what we observed in our 2022 Canadian study: that video games bring people together and strengthen community.

This global survey shows that the social and emotional benefits of video games are experienced by a diverse base of gamers around the world who play video games for fun, relaxation, and stress relief. They are also increasingly sharing this experience with their families and a growing community of friends online Summarizes.