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Venerek.  Socio-cultural space, energy-saving and low-carbon impact project

Venerek. Socio-cultural space, energy-saving and low-carbon impact project

The social and cultural space under construction was built in the most ecological way thanks to the use of raw soil from scraps to manufacture the raw earth bricks that were used to build this work.

The municipality of Venerque wanted the construction of this building to be high energy performance, in response to NOWATT’s call for projects as an experimental building: • Its technical and architectural programs put future users and operating personnel at the center of the design and operation of the equipment and highlighted the requirements for thermal, acoustic and visual comfort and protection of users’ health.

• Its comprehensive digital approach, based on the implementation of a BIM approach, via a digital model, allows for true collaborative work between different players.

It is the guarantee of consistency, quality gain.

• The building will be highly energy efficient with a low carbon impact: Examples include choosing to use raw soil from the cut to produce raw earth bricks and using geothermal energy for heating and cooling in ground cooling.

Envirobat Occitanie praised this approach, awarding the sustainable building label Occitanie Silver for the building project.

Another recent aspect of the site: the use of the exoskeleton to facilitate the work of the builders when laying the raw earth bricks and the use of construction helmets equipped with mixed reality goggles that allow the digital model to be superimposed on the real to verify the efficiency of the two.

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