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Vat: Roxanne Bruno is the “Second Voice” coach

Roxane Bruneau is the fifth coach of “La Voix”. She will recruit six candidates, chosen from among those who have not operated a chair at the Blind Auditions, who will then compete in ‘The Second Voice’, broadcast exclusively on TVA+.

The singer said she was surprised and above all very happy with the proposal. She said in an interview: “When I was told it was a parallel competition on the web, it stuck with me a lot. That’s where it started, it’s like things come back. Plus, I’m giving a second chance to the guys who went through the butter during the Blind Auditions.”

She also wanted to do the same exercise as the coaches, that is, backstage, turning her back on the stage and blindly choosing her candidates. “I often wished I hadn’t turned around because there were votes I was hoping to get back.”

Atypical sounds especially appeal to him. “I went in search of out-of-the-box sounds. My first foal, Ryan Guay, came to touch me because he almost spoke over music at the start of his test. It was like a slam. There aren’t many who’ve tried that and I loved it.”

friendly accompaniment

After only six years in the music business, she admits to not having a lot of experience, even if she does have enough advice to give to young people who want to get started. “I told them, right from the start, that they wouldn’t have a coach like Lara Fabian who would be able to tell them they didn’t reach B level, she joked. I would allow them to discover their stage personality and their artistic identity to live in their bodies… »

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From a vocal standpoint, she especially wants to push them out of their comfort zone. “Those who sang in English, I’ll make them sing in French. What’s important to me is the interpretation. I want them to understand what they’re singing, because if they don’t understand the lyrics, the people who listen won’t understand either.”

Roxane also wants to understand that the fun should be permanent in this exercise, and he’s loving and friendly. When I started, France Castel backstage at a festival helped me calm my jitters. She took me by the shoulder and told me, “No matter what you do on stage, no one is going to die. We are not surgeons, have fun!” I want to take that pressure off my candidates, so that they too have a shell in the face of criticism. I want them to feel good, no matter what context they find themselves in.

Roxanne Bruneau sees “The Second Voice” as an amazing experience. “It will allow me to meet people and give advice that I have received and still apply in my daily life.”

Episodes of “The Second Voice” will be available on February 12, February 26, and March 12 only on TVA+.