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The rise and fall of Zenith de Véro

Veronique Cloutier after a fiasco Your beautiful programme In 2017: Well we get it, people prefer clear concepts, which can be explained well, it’s good, we’ve learned from our mistakes.

Veronique Cloutier Zenith Thursday night: Good afternoon everyone Here’s a bunch of confusing rules that even artists still don’t get their hands on Vote in the studio for each of the four numbers We remove the worst note There’s a reminder to the artist to seduce the generation most resistant to it We’ll add five points at the end Audience choice It’s a championship , with different players, which will be distributed over several weeks!

unlike Voice Or at Who can sing?foreign concepts that migrate with the Bible of regulations tested all over the world, Zenith Starting from scratch, nothing at all. The game mechanics, the setting (which is impressive, wow!) and the ranking system, everything is made right here. It’s a lot more complicated than buying an established international format, let’s face it.

This is why the first broadcast of Zenith On Radio Canada it has had its ups and downs. Let’s start with the best: the host, the best for supercharged studio heating and skillfully managing many unexpected events.

Nothing destabilizes Véro, the queen of varieties. She bounces off everything, shines in this glittery universe (her look was spot on) and she loves music, looks and feels.

Well, yeah, Véronique Cloutier was screaming into her microphone and it was annoying. But first she had a fever, there were over 100 people screaming behind her, she knows that and she will cope in the coming weeks, it shows.

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Also, with the exception of the Sunday evening canons and dailies (STAT And It is indefensible), Zenith It is one of the few shows that has crossed the one million live audience stage. Its ratings were pegged at 1,009,000 followers on Thursday, almost double that of the series. the hotel (537,000) Value Added Tax. We now have to see how Zenith Thursday will interact with the start of the new season of Love is in the meadowone of Noovo’s most popular titles.

Zenith It shows that good old live TV retains its traction in this period of fragmentation on digital platforms. This is reassuring. And it proves useful to create the event as in Zenithto me Live from the universel Upside down worldto me The week of July 4th Or at Everyone talks about it.

Now the least successful Zenith : Notes. All these votes oscillating between 21 and 23 out of 25 kill the suspense of the generational battle. It’s like a film critic giving three stars to a movie. We have no idea if it’s really that good, or if it’s just plain bad.

Of course, produce Zenith He cannot influence or direct how people in the studio evaluate a performance. Surely there is a way to trick the public into being less nice.

The four main acts, led by Jean-François Brau, Luno Zucchini, Johan Bloen and Jason Roy-Levier, are amazingly well executed.

Modified dress on in another worldHip Hopbetween two sealscomment on lift From Dua Lipa or strong re-reading He killed me with his softnessAnd Zenith He accommodates and seduces his grandson like his grandmother.

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Personally, it’s the most annoying part Zenith Which I preferred: karaoke without the net. There is an interesting aspect to watching artists put themselves in real danger by attacking impossible songs like Crazy in love Written by Beyoncé (Grand Challenge, Jason Roy Lavelli!).

It gives less smooth, more joyful TV, which ties us to La-Z-Boy: will Jean-François Brau finally find the right tone for very exceptional by Andree Watters? Answer: No, and that’s okay. Something happened on our screens.

The four captains (Norman Brathuit, Felix-Antoine Tremblay, Elise Marquis and Claudia Bouvet) could have been exploited. They can, for example, tilt the vote in one way or another and spice up the competition.

Right now, we don’t care who wins or loses Zenith, and this is a simple problem. It lacks the competitive aspect that electrified furywhere friendly rivalries systematically degenerate into wars between the sexes.

Joahnne Blouin, the Christmas owl Masked singersHe deservedly won the first round.

On the other hand, the compiler should be warned Caroline sleep That it is not specifically necessary to doze off while his comrades are performing.

Yawning for cameras is less subtle than the forbidden whispers in the depths of Asia. And it resonates in places other than the streets of Rome.