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USA: A media group wants to add journalists dedicated to Taylor Swift and Beyonce

USA: A media group wants to add journalists dedicated to Taylor Swift and Beyonce

Two new journalists will also be hired, USA Today and The Tennessean, America’s largest daily newspaper.

Gannett Media Group, the largest US media group with more than 200 daily newspapers, has posted two job openings for journalists on its website, one dedicated to Taylor Swift and the other to Beyoncé. Two new journalists will be recruited USA TodayAmerica’s most widely circulated daily newspaper and The Tennessean. Gannett said they are looking for journalists with editorial, print, audio and visual skills.

Valerie Megan/AFPBeyonce

Correspondent Taylor Swift identifies why the pop star’s influence continues to grow, what her fan base is in pop culture, and the impact she’s making on the music and entertainment worlds. A cruel summer. Beyoncé’s job ad called for a journalist “with the ability to understand Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s impact on society and the industries in which she operates.”

However, these new job opportunities have many detractors among professionals in the field, especially after the group’s workforce has been cut by 47% over the past three years. “At a time when more serious news and local reporting is being suppressed, it’s a decision that raises questions,” an expert from the Poynter Institute journalism think tank told the US channel. ABC. Others criticize paying someone to be a full-time fan, denying them the status of a journalist.

Paul J.  Richards (AFP/Archive)
Paul J. Richards (AFP/Archive)USA TODAY is headquartered in McLean, Virginia

“We didn’t hire a Taylor Swift reporter any more than any other reporter,” said Michael Anastasi, Tennessee editor and Gannett vice president for local news. These two jobs undoubtedly reflect the economic power of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

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