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United, unions vow to “defeat and repeal these harmful laws” – Liberation

United, unions vow to “defeat and repeal these harmful laws” – Liberation

Meeting in an extraordinary conference this Saturday, December 9, British unions have announced that they intend to jointly fight new legislation establishing a minimum service if strike action is deemed critical in certain sectors.

British unions have vowed to fight against the law in force on Saturday, December 9, which establishes a minimum service in the event of a strike in some sectors deemed critical. Gathering for an extraordinary conference organized by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), which brings together dozens of trade union organizations in the United Kingdom, the leaders of these unions expressed their determination to fight for a law. “malicious, unnecessary and unenforceable”.

“I say to this Conservative government: If you don’t want to strike, you know what to do. Pay us right, treat us right, invest in our public services. Paul Novak, General Secretary of the TUC, opened from the podium. The Rishi Sunak government announced on Friday that minimum service conditions are now in place in railway transport, border police and ambulances.

Sharon Graham, general secretary of the association, spoke to SkyNews Unite the unionRegrets “One of the biggest attacks on trade union rights ever launched” by the British Government. “The so-called minimum service levels may seem frivolousShe continues. But let’s be clear: unions are workers’ last line of defense. Mick Lynch of the RMT rail union continued: “We will wage a concerted campaign against any employer or public organization foolish enough to use this law to block the right to strike…”

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Violation of right to strike

Adopted in July, the creation of a minimum service has been condemned by unions as an attack on the right to strike. For more than a year, the country has seen several social movements for health, transport and education, higher wages and better working conditions.

“We are making the right long-term decision […] In line with other countries, keep people safe and continue to provide essential public services that hard-working people need.”In particular, the conservative prime minister defended Rishi Sunak. “The labor movement will use any means necessary to defeat and repeal these harmful laws.”Paul Novak insisted on Saturday.

He noted public condemnation of companies using the law against striking employees. “New and Effective Forms of Collective Action”. The Labor opposition has promised to review the law if it comes to power after the next legislative election, expected by January 2025. Rashida Din, one of the presidents of the NASUWT Teachers Union, predicted: “We defeated their illegal anti-strike provisions for temporary workers and we will defeat them again. Because we win when we fight.