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United States Supreme Court | Judge defends trips funded by billionaire conservatives

(WASHINGTON) Clarence Thomas, the most conservative US Supreme Court justice, on Friday defended several luxury stays funded for more than twenty years by his billionaire “friend” known for his donations to the Republican Party.

Cruises on a giant yacht, private flights … The 74-year-old judge has been at the center of controversy since revelations to the media ProPublica about the gift he accepted from businessman Harlan Crowe, without announcing.

“Harlan and Cathy Crewe are among our best friends,” Clarence Thomas said in a statement. And as friends do, we’ve accompanied them on a number of trips. »

The Dean of the Supreme Court also claims that he was not aware of the rules governing statements about this type of residence.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Thomas’ name has been linked to controversy: His wife, Jenny, a conservative lobbyist and activist, has taken part in Donald Trump’s crusade to prove – wrong – that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

Once the text messages and emails she had sent for this purpose were revealed, the left criticized an apparent conflict of interest and called for her husband to step down from any electoral bid.

Appointed by Republican President George Bush in 1991, he was confirmed despite accusations of sexual harassment by a former aide. He has always denied them, claiming that they are the victim of a “lynching”.

The revelations of this largesse fueled calls for his “immediate resignation” from some elected Democrats.