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United Kingdom's historic Buckingham Palace will soon be open to the public

United Kingdom's historic Buckingham Palace will soon be open to the public

Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Queen Victoria… Since 1837, Buckingham Palace, the official home of British sovereigns, has passed countless crowned heads who have reigned over the United Kingdom. Following in the footsteps of the Windsors, you too can soon step into this majestic place steeped in history. Explanations.

England's pearl, Buckingham Palace will open its doors in the summer of 2024

Iconic place British Monarchy Established in the heart of the capital United KingdomExcellent Buckingham Palace From July 15 to September 29, it will open its doors to royalty, history and architecture buffs. This summer, the King Charles III This will allow many curious people from all over the world to discover the eastern part of the palace, the room next to the mythical balcony, the royal family welcoming the British people, the government apartments or even the famous royal residence. Royal stables.

Although this is a rare event, it is not the first time Buckingham Palace has opened its doors to visitors. Already in 1993, the Queen Elizabeth II had authorized access to Royal residence to the public with the aim of raising funds for the restoration Windsor CastleAfter the disastrous fire that destroyed the latter a year ago.

Visitors also have access to Balmoral Castle, the famous residence of the royal family

However, this is the first time Balmoral CastleAnother historical gem owned by Crown of Englandlocated Scotland. Highly praised by Queen Elizabeth II, it will actually be accessible to tourists from May 4 to August 11, 2024. A unique opportunity to step into a legendary residence and embark on a journey through time in a place steeped in history British royal family Since 1852.

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However, tickets to see the inside of the castle, which is a 9-hour drive from London, are unfortunately already sold out. Entrance tickets Visit the gardens, grounds and the estate's proud exhibitions Scottish Highlands Still available for sale.