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“Unheard of in the NHL”

“Unheard of in the NHL”

The final match between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights will make the NHL grow.

At least that’s what Antoine Roussel said on “La Poche Bleue le midi” on Tuesday.

“Matthew Tkachuk is growing hockey in places we’ve never been to. It’s rare that you go to see a guy on TNT at a Heat game and it’s about hockey, when it should be about basketball. That’s unheard of.”

The analyst adds, however, that while Tkachuk helps give more clarity to Bettman’s circle, it’s not certain his focus is in the right place.

“When I saw it, I wondered if it was the right time. Is the focus in the right place? It’s nice to let go and think about something else, but does it cause your focus to be misplaced? That’s the downside.”

Stéphane Gonzalez wanted to make the point that the Panthers star has a strong relationship with the NBA.

“Charles Barkley is a guy who loves hockey. He is a good friend of Wayne Gretzky. During the playoffs, he said that hockey is better than basketball. It should also be noted that Matthew Tkachuk was in the same class as Jason Tatum from the Boston Celtics. They are two friends. We want to sell hockey and who We’d better have an NBA platform.

Watch the relevant segment in the video above.

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