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Under-the-radar recruitment by Kent Hughes

Under-the-radar recruitment by Kent Hughes

Two of the most important hires Kent Hughes hired over the summer won’t be skating for the Montreal Canadiens in training camp.

Renaud Lavoie believes that the new director of sports medicine and performance medicine, Jim Ramsey, and the chief physiotherapist, Maxime Gauthier, will take the medical department in the organization to another level, after a sad record of “lost” matches due to injury last season.

The TVA Sports journalist is familiar with Gauthier’s approach, and it’s not the most conventional. Gauthier is so well known in the Montreal area that he offered his services to agency Quartexx, formerly run by Hughes and now run by Philippe Lecavalier.

“He worked with 200 athletes, mostly hockey players, but there were baseball players… and Formula 1 drivers who took detours to come and meet him in the middle of the Formula 1 season,” Lavoie revealed. During his segment on BPM Sports Tuesday morning.

Gauthier recommends the natural therapeutic acupuncture using “dry needle.” We say “dry” because there is no injection; It’s just a thin needle inserted into the muscle.

“The needle pierces the skin and gets into the muscle where the pain is,” explained Lavoie. If he takes a needle and sends it to the place where the foot is broken [par exemple]It’s like I’m telling ambulances: There is a problem and it needs to be fixed quickly. It makes the body work.”

As for Ramsey, Lavoe noticed, during his trips to New York, that he had tremendous credibility with the Rangers players, the team he worked for more than 28 years.

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“When the Rangers kicked him out, everyone passed out,” said Lavoe.

The latter believes that flooding in the dispensary will be a thing of the past in Montreal thanks to the expertise of Ramsay and Gautier.

“Their great skill will ensure that the disasters we have witnessed in recent years will not happen again.”