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Two bodies found in the collapsed building in Marseille

Two bodies found in the collapsed building in Marseille

Firefighters announced that two “lifeless bodies” were found Sunday night in the rubble of a building that was blown up by an explosion in Marseille, southern France.

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“Given the difficulties involved in the intervention, it will take time to extract (the bodies from the site),” the firefighters specified in a brief press release, confirming information from the La Provence newspaper and BFMTV.

The text continues: “The judiciary can then proceed to identify” these victims.

“The status will be updated early in the morning,” the statement concluded.

This discovery comes more than 24 hours after the huge explosion that blew up a four-storey building in Marseille.

The Marseille public prosecutor had indicated earlier on Sunday that rescue services were still searching for eight people presumed missing under the rubble.

“The pain and the pain are great tonight,” he reacted in a press release to the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payen.

“We continue to do everything in our power to carry out rescue operations,” stressing that “all city services, accompanied by state services, are always committed, at this very moment, to further research.

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