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Trump's relatives have been implicated in an attempt to rig the 2020 election

Trump's relatives have been implicated in an attempt to rig the 2020 election

While unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and his clan's attempts to invalidate the 2020 presidential election do not yet appear to hamper Donald Trump's new presidential campaign, this past, ironically, has not left members of his bodyguard close.

Evidence. On Wednesday, Judge Yvette Rowland of the California State Bar Court recommended the dismissal of attorney John Eastman, the former dean of Chapman University's law school. The 2020 presidential election confirms Joe Biden's victory. It played out in chaos on January 6, 2021 in Washington.

The judge upheld 10 of the 11 charges against the former president's close friend. The final decision on delisting is now in the hands of the California Supreme Court.

Coincidentally, Donald Trump's former adviser Gary Lake was hit with the ban the day after he implicitly admitted his guilt in a defamation trial in Arizona. He was accused of deliberately spreading falsehoods about the integrity of the state's election process, targeting the official responsible for overseeing voting in Maricopa County. The county was buoyed by Trump's defeat in 2020. Incumbent Arizona governor Gary Lake has fueled the coup in 2022, with the polls not giving him the title.

On Tuesday, his lawyers filed a “motion for default judgment,” saying “he does not deny his guilt.” NBC Network. The man, close to Donald Trump, is seeking to challenge the damages that the courts may award Stephen Richer, a civil servant who accused him of defamation.

On March 19, Peter Navarro, an adviser to the president with an authoritarian streak during his years in the White House, made history by becoming the first member of Trump's inner circle to enter prison. He was sentenced to 4 months in prison for defying a subpoena to appear before a group of parliamentarians responsible for bringing to light the rebellion launched against the Capitol.

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These three key players in the populist's conspiracy universe extend a long list of members of his entourage who have been implicated for months in actions taken to help the Republicans stay in power illegally.

Mistreated partners

Among them is Donald Trump's former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Since last July, he has also faced a recommendation for disbarment from the bar submitted by the Washington Disciplinary Committee. His colleagues accuse him of “undermining democracy” through “frivolous” and “destructive” actions aimed at disrupting the 2020 electoral process.

Jenna Ellis, close to Rudy Giuliani, was reprimanded by the Colorado Bar a year ago after she admitted making 10 false statements on the former president's behalf about the results of the last presidential election. Among other things, he said 500,000 votes were illegally cast into ballot boxes on Fox News. A completely fictitious fraud against the facts revealed by dozens of investigations, including several led by Republicans. Mme Ellis pleaded guilty to several counts of attempting to invalidate elections in Georgia. The attorney was accused of conspiring with Donald Trump to “sway voters” in favor of the self-proclaimed billionaire in the state. Democrats won Georgia by 11,700 votes.

Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesbro, two key figures in the 2020 Trump campaign who tried to rig votes to keep Republicans in power, also pleaded guilty in the same case. The trial date is yet to be set.

Mme Powell, a Texas attorney, helped undermine public confidence in Dominion voting machines, a campaign supported by Fox News in the wake of Trump's defeat. The project ended in a defamation lawsuit that cost the company $787 million in damages, paid to the company by the ultraconservative media flagship of the Murdoch empire. Kenneth Chesbrough, for his part, joined John Eastman on January 6, 2021 in a scheme to derail the ballot by seeking the complicity of Vice President Mike Pence, and creating a forgery. Plan key constituents to reach their goals.

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“John Eastman […] Registration will be deleted. […] Peter Navarro is in jail. Trump wins tournaments at his own golf club. How many fools does it take to drag him to hell? » Mary L., daughter-in-law of a former president and fierce critic of populists. Trump, the psychologist asked. A message sent over a network.

Undoubtedly, according to a key person involved, he wanted to reclaim the slogan used this week to avoid trying to disassociate himself from the attempted 2020 election theft that has tarnished the reputations of many of his close friends. In this era: Stop stealing (Stop stealing). The formula was a simple allegation of falsehood made without evidence of election fraud orchestrated by the Democrats.

“Stop stealing,” he said on his social network on Tuesday as he left a New York court, which set April 15 for the start of his first criminal trial. A first for a former president. He was accused of fraud during the 2016 campaign to cover up an extramarital affair.

The rest of the news resumed his usual attacks against Joe Biden and several representatives of the justice system, whom he accused of conspiring against him to prevent him from returning to the White House.

The call raised concerns Many researchers Politics in America Stop stealing The name given to the movement that led thousands of supporters to Washington in 2021 to unleash a historic and shocking assault on the dome of American democracy.

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