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Trump's mother-in-law arrived in the U.S. thanks to a mechanism the former president tried to dismantle

Trump's mother-in-law arrived in the U.S. thanks to a mechanism the former president tried to dismantle

Melania Trump reportedly helped her mother immigrate to the United States through a mechanism that Donald Trump tried to eliminate when he was president.

Immigrants “Poison” In the country, Donald Trump has repeatedly made the fight against immigration one of the pillars of his re-election campaign in his campaign speeches. It was also a focal point of his calendar during his presidency between 2016 and 2020. The Washington PostAnd according to federal documents released this Monday, March 25, Donald Trump is actively trying to end the family reunification mechanism his in-laws used to immigrate to the United States.

Amalija Knaves, the former first lady's mother and who died last January, actually joined Uncle Sam's land from Slovenia through a legal mechanism that has been in place in the United States since 1965. This mechanism allows US citizens to bring their parents or their minor children. Avoiding the usual administrative burden of obtaining a visa for the country. Melania Trump allowed her mother to make a quick trip across the Atlantic.

Donald Trump was accused of allowing this mechanism during his presidency “Chain Migration”. He supported a bill that limited sponsorship to minor children and spouses of US citizens, excluding parents.

Citizenship during Trump's presidency

Donald Trump also favored a merit-based points system to prioritize qualified workers. “It might be difficult for his mother-in-law to come.”Note The Washington Post.

In a 2009 visa application, Amalija Naves stated that she attended high school until 1964 before attending a design and fashion school in Slovenia, without indicating whether she received a diploma. He later retired in 1998. After receiving a permanent visa in 2010, Trump's mother-in-law applied for citizenship in August 2017, just months after Donald Trump became Speaker of the House. Amalija Naus was sworn in on August 9, 2018.

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Michael Wilds, the mother-in-law's lawyer, announced that the family did not receive special treatment in any case, US Daily notes.