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Trump Tower in New York |  It’s time to pay for the watch

Trump Tower in New York | It’s time to pay for the watch

New York City and the Trump Organization are in talks to debunk a 20-year-old story about a giant clock being installed, without the proper permit, on the sidewalk of 5 homes.H avi.

Article from The New York Times He says that nearly 20 years ago, Trump Tower managers installed a clock in front of the building that was about 5 meters high and had four faces.

If the collection pleases tourists, New York City considers it street furniture. As with any piece of street furniture (bench, planter, rubbish bin) that does not belong in the city, a permit is required to install it. Approximate cost: $300 per year for a 10-year permit.

The municipal administration first invited the Trump Organization in 2015 to settle the file, according to L times. But it was all set aside later when Mr. Trump became the Republican nominee in the 2016 election and then President.

The thorny issue has been reinvigorated recently, and the Trump Organization says it is willing to cooperate. Trump Tower was opened in 1983, it is 202 meters high, and it consists of 58 floors, and it is located between the 56 floorsH and 57H Streets near Central Park.

andre Duchesne, Journalismaccording to the The New York Times

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