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Trump puts his relatives at the head of the Republican Party

Trump puts his relatives at the head of the Republican Party

Three relatives of Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the US presidential elections, including his daughter-in-law, were appointed on Friday as party leaders during a meeting of his party authorities in Houston (south).

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The former president announced last February that he was proposing to co-lead the Republican National Committee with Michael Whatley, the party's leader in North Carolina (southeast), and Lara Trump, the wife of his son Eric, a former television producer.

France Press agency

He also wanted Chris Lacivita, a veteran of Republican campaigns, to become the national committee's top executive, responsible for its “day-to-day operations.”

It was not surprising that the party's 168 delegates meeting in Houston, Texas, granted him the award, in the absence of other candidates for these positions.

“We will work tirelessly in every state to ensure it is easy to vote and difficult to cheat,” Michael Whatley said after his nomination.

Michael Whatley has publicly supported unfounded allegations of fraud made by Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, which was won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is running for a second term.

Trump puts his relatives at the head of the Republican Party

France Press agency

For her part, Lara Trump specified that the goal is a big victory on November 5, describing the issue of voting as a battle between “good and evil.”

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The primary mission of the Republican National Committee is to finance the expensive election campaigns of the party's candidates.

Michael Whatley succeeds Ronna McDaniel, who was already chosen by Donald Trump in 2016 but with whom relations have been strained by election defeats and disappointing fundraising.

The former president is now alone in the nomination for the Republican Party nomination after he abandoned his only competitor, his former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on Wednesday, the day after “Super Tuesday,” the day on which the primary elections are concentrated in 15 states. States that Donald Trump largely won.

The party will officially name its candidate at its national conference next July in Milwaukee, in the north of the country.