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Trudeau helps the rich and taxes the ordinary world: his budget is painful

Trudeau helps the rich and taxes the ordinary world: his budget is painful

Tuesday's budget was supposed to be a chance for Justin Trudeau's Liberals to return to political success. But it was a rather shoddy job, underscoring the incompetence and negligence of an exhausted team that voters no longer wanted to know about.

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For weeks, Trudeau's headlines have been criss-crossing the country making stunning announcements indicating what they'll do with the budget.

On Tuesday, the public was presented with nearly 500 pages of mirage and deception.

The Liberals manipulated and delayed spending announced in previous years to hide the fact that the deficit had in fact exceeded the $40 billion threshold they had promised.

Justin loves helplessness

In 2015, Justin Trudeau made an unusual commitment: he promised there would be no balanced budget. Obviously, this is almost the only promise he has kept.

He expected that thanks to the deficit, the budget would be balanced!

Trudeau has added more debt to Canada during his eight years in power than Canada has accumulated in the past 150 years!

He has succeeded in increasing the size of the civil service by 40%, but he pays corporations hundreds of millions of dollars to do jobs that bureaucrats do not do.

Are we restoring the voice of youth?

Their main promise, according to Mr. Trudeau, was to bring those under 40 back into the Liberal fold… who finds anything in this budget so clever as to lure them to Trudeau!

They know that Justin has abandoned them and in turn they know that he has completely lost their support.

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The Liberals have talked a lot about housing, and it's true that across the country we're facing a real housing crisis. Nothing will have time to build between now and the next election.

The budget is considered a failed policy in this regard.

33% increase

Trudeau sought to present himself as Robin Hood alongside Poilievre by raising taxes on the “rich.”

He seems more like a bandit, because the massive new tax he is imposing would put billions in state coffers at the expense of many middle-class people.

As of June 25, the share of taxable capital gains will increase by 33%! (On winnings greater than $250,000).

The craftsman or tradesman who worked hard all his life, who was forward-thinking and who bought an apartment building as an investment to pay for his retirement, would see his money stolen by Trudeau.

The value of your country house has increased and you are planning to sell it? Act quickly, or Justin will retroactively cancel your plans.

We expect to see a lot of panic selling between now and June 25th.

Who will have the money to buy and get good deals? The rich will benefit from Trudeau's budget!