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Trois-Rivieres: an important hub for electric recharge

Trois-Rivieres: an important hub for electric recharge

The University of Quebec à Trois-Rivieres (UQTR) and Rolls Electric, located on avenue des Voluntaires in Trois-Rivieres, in the Maurice region, are adding 20 new charging stations, both slow and fast, to those already in use there.

With these 40 new stations, the city finds itself in one of the largest concentrations of electric car charging stations in the country.

“We will be at about fifty stations within a two-kilometre radius. I don’t know of any place in Canada that has that much, as far as I know,” said Sylvain Gutto, president of Roulez Électrique.

These plants will be powered in part by solar collectors. As the power of the electrical distribution network on this part of the street reaches its limits, Hydro-Québec must add poles and a transformer to be able to deliver the required power to the connected vehicles.

The federal government is financially supporting this significant increase in electric vehicle battery regeneration capacity.

To promote their purchase, the Association of Electric Vehicles of Quebec will organize a large meeting on Labor Day, at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, for those who want to learn and eventually switch to an electric vehicle. Volunteers will provide access to their vehicles.

“They will be lending their cars so that visitors can try it out,” said Eric Racine, President of AVÉQ.

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