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Traveler Compensation: 'It seems we're finding reasons not to have to pay it'

Traveler Compensation: ‘It seems we’re finding reasons not to have to pay it’

Many airlines, such as Air Canada, appear to be “a bit sloppy” when it comes to compensating passengers for canceled or delayed flights.

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“It seems we’re finding reasons not to have to pay them,” notes Jacob Charbonneau, president of

Many airlines seem to categorize reasons for flight delays or cancellations in the wrong categories to avoid having to pay passengers.

“This is often the case. We try to rank different situations often in favor of the carrier so that we don’t have to pay these compensation,” explains Mr. Charbonneau in an interview with LCN.

The lack of crew members is one of those situations that some airlines try to categorize as security issues so that they don’t have to pay compensation.

“On the other hand, it is written in black and white that, even in cases where flight personnel work very long hours, it is the carrier’s responsibility to properly plan the number of hours and schedules for its employees, recruitment and training attributable to the carrier,” the president said.

It is unfortunate, according to the latter, that once judgments are made that crew problems are not safety issues, not all infected passengers are contacted.

“It’s unfortunate because even when there is a verdict to come later, we won’t necessarily remember all the thousands of people who were told he was ineligible when in the facts,” Jacob Charbonneau confirms.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.