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The grass that is prohibited by law in the country

The grass that is prohibited by law in the country

Nevada, where water reserves are already at a critical level, must actively conserve the resource for its citizens. The Colorado River, which feeds the famous Hoover Dam, has reached a very low level. Lake Mead, which is one of the largest water reserves in the country, is practically dry. Same scenario for Lake Powell.

Landscapes are the largest user of water in southern Nevada, and lawns are prevalent.

This type of vegetation, which consumes large amounts of water, will be replaced by plants better adapted to the arid climate of the strip. In addition, drip irrigation, in which the root system of plants absorbs liquid directly, will be implemented throughout Las Vegas.

We have already cleared approximately 380 square kilometers of grass in public areas.

Severe dehydration, combined with intense heat that lasted for several weeks, accelerated the implementation of this procedure. In fact, the region is going through its 23rd consecutive year of drought.

“Weather patterns in the western United States around the Colorado River Basin have been so dry for more than 20 years that we’ve weathered the drought,” said Liz Moline Bernhardt, an ecosystem expert with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). In a press release. We talk about drying to set this new level. »

Extreme heat, reduced precipitation, and accelerated thaw on the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which feeds the Colorado River, all contribute to the chronic dry weather affecting the southern United States.

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