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To pay off his debt, Donald Trump started selling Bibles for $60

To pay off his debt, Donald Trump started selling Bibles for $60

The former president, campaigning for the US presidential election, faces many expenses. To remedy this he now promotes Bibles.


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Donald Trump holds a rally as part of his presidential campaign on March 9, 2024 in Rome, Georgia, USA.  (Elijah Novel/AFP)

It's almost Easter and it's a tough time for Donald Trump. The former president, who is campaigning to return to the White House, has huge legal bills for his many legal cases. He faces fines or bail in the coming days, including $175 million pending appeal in a New York financial fraud case. So the Republican candidate is looking for cash: $400 after the gold sneakers, here it is “The Trump Bible” It's the joy of the late show, satirical evening programs on American television.

In a short video, with a brown book in hand, he promotes it. “Every American should have a Bible in their home. I have several Bibles and I think you should all get a copy of the Bible now. God bless America. We are restoring America's faith.” , The former president insists.

Trump touts it as his favorite book. Honey for satirical evening shows like Jimmy Fallon on NBC: “This is my favorite book. After Oui-Oui en slip and the dessert menu.” At Comedy Central, Jordan Kepler pokes fun at genre mixing. He says the Trump Bible offers the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance in one volume. “It's like taco pizza. But what you need to understand is that Trump never read any of his speeches. He teases. It is not known how much Trump will receive per copy.God Bless USA Bible”, Sold for $60 each.

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