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Tiny houses in downtown Montreal

Tiny houses in downtown Montreal

A developer and architecture firm came up with the idea of ​​converting the emergency exits of a heritage building on Pierce Street in Montreal, near Concordia University, into six tiny homes.

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The units, which are renting at $2,300 per month, are built over three floors spread across 350 square feet, where everything is thought of to maximize space.

Thus, there are drawers in a drawer and a desk that can be stored on the wall.

The kitchen and bathroom are on the ground floor, on the first floor there is a living room and the bedroom on the second floor.

According to the designer of these residential units, there are other buildings in the city that can accommodate such projects.

“There is huge potential for the development of existing buildings,” explains Le Borgne Rizk architect Amani Rizk. What is exciting here is that we didn’t start from scratch, but rather recovered to make a project that is somewhat exceptional.

“To use this built heritage that we have in Montreal to stop the housing crisis, it’s possible,” she adds.

See explanations in the video above

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