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Tinder is reinventing itself with new features

Tinder is reinventing itself with new features

The dating app has announced an update to its interface. It has also reorganized the profile pages, especially to make them more useful.

Changes to accommodate user preferences. Monday, Tinderwhich recently allows loved ones to play matchmaker, has launched new features. “At Tinder, we understand that dating today is about authenticity, depth, and a desire for connection that goes beyond appearance. These new features are a response to that evolution.Mark van Ryeswijk, the dating app’s product manager, explained in a I reported.

Reorganizing personal pages

Through its functionality, Tinder makes users’ profile pages more useful and wants to help them start a conversation more easily. One of these new features, called “Questions,” allows them – as the name suggests – to display and answer questions like “The key to my heart is him” or “Two truths and a lie” on their profile. “Spark engaging, real conversations that go beyond the classic ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’.”According to Tinder. Dating app intends to allow users “To express their personality and show all their sides.”.

They can also create quizzes about themselves, and display them on their profile, so potential matches can learn more about them. In addition, they can share information, such as their zodiac sign, love language or pets, through tags. This allows users to say more about themselves but also learn more about their potential matches.

In addition to these new features, Tinder has updated its interface, specifically announcing the arrival of dark mode to its app. Pretending to be him “Perfect for night or discreet use”It also claims to be the only major dating app to offer this functionality.

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Finally, after launching safety features for users earlier this year, Tinder has improved its reporting system so users can report specific items on a profile. That is, they now have more options to notify specific items that do not match a person’s profile, such as a photo or bio.

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