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Those opportunistic roommates you don't want!

Those opportunistic roommates you don’t want!

You’ve found the apartment you like, and you’re moving in on the 1st of July, be warned, bed bugs may already be entrenched in your home!

A pest control professional will give you some advice before moving your furniture into your new home.

“If possible, do a quick check. Of course, the bedroom, where the sofa was, the baseboards, … and the electrical outlets to make sure there were no feces, little black spots left behind by bed bugs,” advises Helen Bouchard, president of the Quebec Anti-Corruption Society. Pest Management (AQGP).

Bed bugs, no matter how small, can still be seen with the naked eye. It’s about the size of an apple, which doesn’t stop it from hiding everywhere.

“Bed bugs are opportunistic insects and depending on the degree of infestation, they can be found even in walls and the floor. They can infiltrate a credit card-sized space,” explains Ms. Bouchard.

The latter is also a warning. If bed bugs have colonized your apartment, do not try to get rid of them yourself.

We need immediate intervention. Even with a housing crisis, talk to the landlord right away. In the case of bedbugs and cockroaches, it is absolutely necessary to deal with pest management professionals. Above all, don’t use over-the-counter pesticides,” supports the AQGP chief.

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