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Enjoy your reward

Eric La Fleche, president and CEO of the grocery chain Métro, has lined his pockets this year. According to data compiled by Stéphane Rolland of The Canadian Press, the president’s total compensation increased nearly 7% compared to fiscal year 2021 and amounted to $5.4 million. As for his relationship, it increased by 15%, to 1.5 million.

While a lot of food in grocery stores has never cost more, i find it hard not to feel aggrieved by these numbers.

Just like me, this year, under the constraints of inflation, many Quebecers have had to revise the way they shop for groceries. Many of us have had to make decisions in front of screens to respect our budget. We treat ourselves less, leaving aside the food products we used to love to eat because now they are no longer at hand.

Meanwhile, Monsieur La Fleche takes advantage of his reward.

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And you, do you feel the same annoyance as I do when you imagine all that the president of Métro can do with his annual millions, while a large number of those who make him rich are financially weakened by inflation?

I’m thinking of the parents who have to say no to their kids’ extracurricular activities because this year’s groceries are too expensive. I think of all those students who hardly eat vegetables anymore, because they are out of reach.

Even if our system allows it, I firmly believe that this type of reward has no place in an inflationary context such as the one we are currently experiencing.

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Therefore, I wish you, Mr. La Fleche, to make the most of your reward. It benefits everyone who has to put butter back on the shelves because it’s so expensive.