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This is the great return of a product that Quebecers love in Tim Hortons

Easter will be celebrated on April 10th. Whoever says Easter, says chocolate. And Tim Hortons decided to delight his fans with a Cadbury Egg Donut, according to reports symposium

New this year: Cadbury biscuits with eggs. It will be hard to choose between the two Easter options.

“These dreamy donuts have always been popular with our guests, and we are so excited to introduce our new Easter treat this year: Cookie with Cadbury Mini Eggs.® Tallis Foakes, director of culinary innovation at Tim Hortons, said in a statement.

Photo: Courtesy – Tim Hortons Canada

“The arrival of spring and the joy of little Cadbury eggs® It’s always a fun moment for us, and we can’t wait for guests to try our new crunchy and chocolatey cookie! “, he added.

Easter cakes and cookies are available starting Wednesday at all participating Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada.

roll up from the edge

Tim Hortons is not out of the woods yet, after several people, including Quebecers, were sure to win $10,000 in Déroule to win the contest, without being able to receive their dues, according to reports. VAT news.

Remember, since last Monday, many customers have accidentally learned that they won $10,000 in this contest. But to fix the situation, Tim Hortons simply erased the evidence that customers had earned that moment on the app. However, some had time to take a screenshot of the award on their phones.

As compensation, the fast food chain handed out $50 gift cards to target customers.

It’s only a matter of time before Tim Hortons will have to refund customers, especially those who took a screenshot, Philip Richard Bertrand, co-founder of Amplio Strategies, said in an interview with the issue. Quebec weekend morning.

Legally, they would be obligated to pay […] Legally, for Tim Hortons, it would be very difficult to fight people who have proof of their victory, ”he believes.

He adds that Tim Hortons will easily be able to verify the origin of the screenshots, in case some want to share their screenshots with other users.

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