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Hundreds of unsolicited Uber Eats orders baffle the neighborhood

water bottles, muffins, sauce pots; Hundreds of unsolicited orders of all kinds delivered by Uber Eats baffle a neighborhood in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver.

For weeks, app-delivery people were constantly called into the Victoria Hill neighborhood to fulfill hundreds of orders that were never made by residents, but were paid for.

“Thursday alone there were dozens and dozens of deliveries all over the neighborhood. Everything was piling up in front of the front doors and apartment buildings,” Jennifer Hughes told Global News, referring to the “insane barrage of deliveries.”

“There was a line of people on the street in front of our houses,” added Jeff McLennan, also on the Global mic.

According to him, the delivery men were amused by the situation, which they did not understand more than the citizens, and confirmed that in recent weeks, the number of deliveries in the region has reached thousands.

Uber Eats told Global that it was “concerned” about the phenomenon and had taken care to ban several accounts linked to unsolicited orders.

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