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They regret going to the south

They regret going to the south

A couple who contracted COVID-19 in the south and their trip will cost twice as much as expected are warning Quebecers who want to venture outside the country now.

“Given all the money I spent, I definitely would have canceled my trip if I had known about it, even without cancellation insurance,” Genevieve Perras says.

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She and partner Patrick Dolan were scheduled to return from their week-long trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on December 28. They left despite the government’s recommendation to avoid non-essential travel.

However, COVID-19 invited into their stay which did not end until Sunday afternoon.

“We are very tired,” expresses MI Perras, a Quebecor employee who expected her flight would allow her to rest instead.

While the couple claims to have been cautious, that didn’t stop Mr. Dolan from getting a positive result on December 26.

The situation turned into a mystery when Genevieve Piras saw that she had symptoms as well, while receiving negative results. The positive test finally fell on January 3.

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Then the hotel doctor convinced them to pay more than $400 for a medical certificate proving that they had self-isolated long enough since the first symptoms appeared, that is, 12 days.

“My thyroid ran out of medication and my mother was at the end of her life. I had to go,” says MI bitches

However, once they reached the airport, they were denied access to the plane despite medical certificates. And their hotel did not want to accept them again.

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Chronicle of Crime and Society with Felix Seguin, journalist at the Québecourt Investigative Bureau

The couple eventually boarded a flight to New Jersey after receiving negative results in a rapid test required by the United States.

The duo returned home on Sunday across the border on foot, after Uber’s independence from Burlington.

Their $4,800 trip will cost them more than $9,000.

“wait a little bit [avant de voyager], pleads Genevieve Piras. You can get stuck quickly then [si vous attrapez la COVID-19]. »