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The world’s fifth quantum computer is working in Quebec in its second semester

As if to underscore the digital transformation that Quebec has undertaken, the Quebec Quebec Digital and Quantitative Innovation Platform (PINQ2) has announced the operation of 5H The world’s quantum supercomputer from the second half of 2023.

The Quebec quantum computer, based on the 127-qubit Quantum System One architecture developed by IBM, will be powered by an NPO whose mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of Quebec businesses and institutions.

Image provided by Quebec’s Platform for Digital and Quantitative Innovation (PINQ²).

Aiming to be a tool for companies with quantum knowledge, this computer will be an opportunity for the Quebec ecosystem to develop its knowledge in quantum technologies, with the aim, in particular, of savings for companies.

This new offering of quantum services was announced on Monday in Montreal in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, and the Director of Quantum at IBM, Guy Gambetta.

Thanks to Quebec’s quantum computer […]“We join a very small global group with access to such a cutting-edge technology that will generate many discoveries and breakthroughs over the years,” said Eric Capel, CEO of PINQ2.

The PINQ2 platform is called upon to play a major role in the digital transformation of Quebec. […] “Companies will be able to carry out innovative research and development projects, which will contribute to their productivity and the competitiveness of Quebec,” said Minister Fitzgibbon.