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The week starts off chilly all over Quebec

The week starts off chilly all over Quebec

It will feel extremely cold across Quebec, as Mercury will reach abyssal depths on Tuesday between -38 degrees below zero and 42 degrees below zero.

Environment Canada issued alerts Monday that will be in effect across the province, with the exception of Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspé.

In the metropolitan area, the federal agency is forecasting wind chills of around minus 38 degrees Tuesday morning, with temperatures ranging between -16 and minus 20 degrees on Monday.

On the other hand, the sun will be present for Montreal and its surrounding areas, according to forecasts from Environment Canada, and elsewhere predicting the alternation of sun and clouds.

The same conditions will prevail in Bose, Côte-Nord and the Quebec region.

In Gaspésie and Anticosti Island, snow showers will precede the arrival of the cold front on Monday morning, while visibility will be reduced due to blizzards caused by strong winds.

The federal agency said travel would be particularly difficult and dangerous due to the sudden change in weather conditions.

On Wednesday, freezing cold will give way to seasonal temperatures in most areas as the mercury swings between minus 6 and 4 degrees below zero.

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