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The US lunar probe Odysseus will soon be retired

The US lunar probe Odysseus will soon be retired

The American Odysseus probe, which has been on the surface of the moon for about a week, will soon enter a state of hibernation, at the end of its main mission, which was described on Wednesday as “successful” by NASA and the American company that developed it, Intuitive Machines, despite the difficulties it faces.

Last Thursday, Odysseus became the first private probe to land on the moon, and the first American spacecraft to do so since the end of the Apollo program in 1972. However, he found himself leaning on the moon's surface after an eventful landing.

despite this, We have received data from all private shipments and NASASteve Altemus, CEO and co-founder of Intuitive Machines, confirmed in a press conference. The mission we have undertaken has been a great success so far.

The President even announces a surprise: Intuitive Machines plans to try to reignite Odysseus Within two or three weeksafter the lunar night has passed.

However, it is uncertain whether the device, especially its batteries, will survive the extreme cold that is about to set in.