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The United States women's dress code for the 2024 Olympics is controversial

The United States women's dress code for the 2024 Olympics is controversial

A controversy that Nike would have done without. Unveiled by the equipment manufacturer on Thursday, April 11, the United States women's uniform for the Paris Olympics has come under a lot of criticism from athletes, who consider it too cut-out, especially for athletic events.

“Our bodies are all different”

“They're not built purely for performanceannounced as Reuters American Colleen Quigley, eighth in the 3,000m steeplechase at the Rio Olympics, regretted her decision to favor aesthetics over performance. All of our bodies are different, and it seems silly to expect us to compete at the highest level of our sport without a well-fitting uniform. »

While the Gamma brand defends itself by confirming that the athletes were able to test the clothes before the official presentation and that the complete kit contains 50 pieces and 12 different styles, some are against this argument and do not hesitate to contradict the situation.

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“If this garment is more useful for physical performance, men will wear itLauren Fleshman notes. It's an outfit born out of patriarchal forces that no longer welcome or need to focus on women's sports. Stop making things difficult for half the population. »

For her part, pole vaulter Katie Moon describes the outfit “about”. With the tournament fast approaching (July 26 – August 11), it remains to be seen whether the controversy will escalate or stay there.

Note that American football and basketball teams wear very classic outfits with shorts.

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