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Controversial radar use in the UK

Controversial radar use in the UK

British developers recently introduced a processor that quickly fell into the heart of a very lively controversy. Called SpeedCam Anywhere it is a processor that allows you to turn your smartphone into radar.

This application uses artificial intelligence to accurately estimate the speed of the vehicle filmed by his smartphone.

All you have to do is pull out your smartphone, launch the app, and point the vehicle to the app to record a short video clip. The video is automatically sent to a remote server that hosts algorithms that calculate the speed of the vehicle from various data in the video, and the estimated speed can be compared with the speed limit in the area using geolocation data.

In Pro mode, there is only an error margin of 3 km / h against 10% in basic mode. The application is also responsible for specifying the data of the vehicle being photographed: license plate, model, engine, year …

The idea behind the app is to allow residents who regularly encounter speeding violations to compile files that lead to public services to easily detect crimes and place solutions aimed at restricting motorists’ speed.

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For motorists, the app is not really seen with a good eye, and it is considered a tool for reporting information above all else.

Launched last March and targeted by certain groups of motorists, the development team has received thousands of insults and criticisms.

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