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The third best goalkeeper in the league, according to The Athletic

The third best goalkeeper in the league, according to The Athletic

The Canadian is looking to build a great team for the coming years. As you know, there are still many questions to be answered before we can aspire to win.

Offensively, who will complete the top six? Who will score the goals?

Defensively, do the Canadiens have enough big-time potential to get the anchors the blue line needs to be dominant? Who will leave out of all the hopefuls?

In front of the net, what is Samuel Montembault's ceiling? Does Kayden Primeau have what it takes to be an NHL goaltender on a great roster?

In short, you see the picture.

In front of the net, there is also Jacob Fowler who can change the game. He still has several years to go before he hopes to establish himself in the NHL, but let's just say he's been turning heads since he was drafted.

On this topic, Scott Wheeler, who ranks The Athletic's oddsmentioned Fowler as his third favorite goaltending prospect across the NHL.

Fowler isn't in the “Tier 1” category with Jesper Wahlstedt (Wild) and Jaroslav Askarov (Predators, but who could have been with the Canadian), but he completes the podium as the best goaltender in the second tier of goaltenders.

He is not there out of Christian love.

Wheeler states that the goalkeeper has been excellent for three years and remains among the top candidates at his position. His rookie season in Boston, in the NCAA, was also impressive.

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He clearly likes his style.

He's the type of goalie that if he sees the puck and can make a move, he'll stop it. -Scott Wheeler

He also believes that a goaltender, even if he has things to work on, can not only have a good chance to play in the NHL, but also be excellent. And “there aren't many goalkeepers” he'd like to say that to.

He obviously still has some developing to do and we know that dominating the NCAA doesn't always translate to success in the NHL… but let's just say it's a good start in his case.

For now, that's all we can ask for.

Finally, he noticed that he saw him in front of Spencer Knight, Devon Levy, Dustin Wolfe, Sebastian Cosa, and Trey Augustin, his partner with… Team USAsays a lot about how he sees it.

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