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The social living space will be established in December

The social living space will be established in December

In the Achille Bécs Chamber, the Mayor of the city, Francis Barsi, and Magalie Tuet, Deputy Delegate for City Planning and Neighborhood Life, chaired the Steering Committee for the pre-conditioning of social living space (EVS), in the special presence of Pascal Desfontaine, Viceroy Delegate responsible for the priority districts of Bédario, Béziers, and Brigitte. Talero and Evelyn Cartier, deputies, as well as representatives of Café Hérault, the administration, the MSA of Languedoc, the Bedarisien associations and the Population Resource Group.

During this steering committee, the themes of the EVS social project were presented, which were identified in relation to the associations and residents associated with the project. Following a survey conducted among Bédaricians, three program directions are defined: creating social connections between generations and cultures within and between neighbourhoods, enhancing the image of Bédarieux and enhancing communication, and developing the participatory approach of residents in the project.

From this observation, a tree of goals was created to implement measures that meet the aspirations of citizens.

As of December, the EVS will consist of a facilitator whose role will be to create local dynamics and project development, by encouraging the participation of city stakeholders with the aim of promoting social connections and activities for educational, sporting, social and cultural purposes. .

“It is the desire of the municipality to take into account the actors of the area, in particular residents and associations, with regard to their needs, expectations and desires to revitalize social life.”The mayor confirmed.

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While awaiting the final installation of EVS at the Maison des Arts, the host will welcome the audience from December monththe Wednesday and Thursday Morning in Léo-Ferré’s room, and Tuesday and Friday The morning of the settlement day in the municipality’s neighborhoods and rooms.