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The mayors of Franches-Montagnes are dedicated to a mobile youth space

The mayors of Franches-Montagnes are dedicated to a mobile youth space

Mayors of Frank Montagnard show their support for the Espace John District. The Confederation of Municipalities of Frances Montand (SCFM), which met Thursday evening in Moreau in a general meeting, endorsed the idea of ​​the project of itinerant animators in the villages. The association that runs the reception center located in Le Noirmont wants, with this concept, to visit young people scattered in the area who do not necessarily have access to the building. The painters are to travel by bus nine times a year to each municipality. “Roaming will not replace the building at Le Noirmont but will take place in parallel,” said Xavier Schaffter, Mayor of Montfaucon and representative of SCFM on the association’s committee. The value of the project is estimated at 300,000 francs, of which 100,000 francs are donations raised by the Espace Jeunes association. The canton of Jura had not yet decided whether to take responsibility for the remaining 200,000 francs.

The deficit in the area of ​​Espace John was distributed differently between the municipalities

Last year, Espace Jeunes des Franches-Montagnes recorded a deficit of more than 144,000 francs. The canton took charge of approximately 113,000 francs. The remaining 31,000 francs were shared by the municipalities of Tagnon. Noirmont Mayor Gabriel Martinoli has proposed a new distribution switch based on attendance at the mainly visited Espace Jeunes Noirmonniers and Ruedisylvains. To date, the municipality of Noirmont is responsible for 50% of the losses. The communes close to the place of reception, Saignelégier, Les Breuleux and Les Bois, contributed up to two francs per inhabitant. For other, more remote villages, the amount to be paid was 1.51 francs per citizen.

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With the new formula, the municipality of Les Bois, for example, will pay three times what it currently pays, while Saignelégier’s bill will be nine times less. For other municipalities, participation will be divided approximately by two. Gabriele Martinoli’s proposal was praised by all the mayors present. It is planned to use the new distribution switch from this year.

On the other hand, the Supreme Council for Women did not address the issue of change in the administration of Espace John. Several volunteers intend to leave the Association Committee. Last March, the latter requested the involvement of municipalities in managing the entity. “The volunteers are still willing to stay for a while. We still have to find a quick solution,” warned Xavier Schaffter.

Accounts and budget are acceptable

The mayors also approved the SCFM’s 2022 accounts on Thursday evening, which show an expenditure surplus of about 33,000 francs. The 2023 budget, which was also approved, projects a deficit of around 4,500 francs. / nmy