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The SKA lab takes shape in Australia

The SKA lab takes shape in Australia

During the SKAO Council meeting held in Australia on October 24 and 25, 2023, all members of the SKAO Council were able to visit the SKA-LOW site located on the traditional lands of the Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal People in Murchison. desert. The site is named “Inyarrimanha Ilkari Bundara”, That is “Share the Sky and the Stars” In Vajari language.

SKA-LOW is one of two SKA Observatory (SKAO) telescopes currently under construction. It is an instrument that specifically covers the low frequency region of the electromagnetic spectrum from 50 to 350 MHz. This will provide unique capabilities for observing the universe, for example, by allowing us to study the distribution of neutral hydrogen gas at the dawn of the cosmos, when the first light sources (stars, galaxies) began to form.

Cheers to all the SKA watchdogs who are seeing their project come to fruition after all these years of hard work. The first 256 antennas installed are being used today for initial calibration tests and the images below show their size! Finally, the last photo, currently empty, will be filled with 130,000 antennas in a few years!

SKA Australia 3

Chiara Ferrari, Astronomer, Director of SKA-France.

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