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An Inquiry Condemns Sexual Harassment Among “Red Arrows”

An Inquiry Condemns Sexual Harassment Among “Red Arrows”

Red arrows. Martin Bureau/AFP

Wednesday’s hearing highlighted a culture of sexual harassment.Widespread and standardized“by then”Red arrows», the Royal Air Force’s acrobatic patrol led to an apology from a senior Air Force officer. At the conclusion of the investigation launched in 2021, harassment mainly against women “Hostile, degrading, humiliating environment» On the marching band, it colors the skies of the United Kingdom with red, white and blue for major events. The report released on Wednesday lists comments about unwanted physical contact, messages of a sexual nature, physical appearance or sexual propositions. He reports two sexual exhibitions.

Air Force Chief Rich Knighton apologized:slander» Through the behaviors revealed by the survey. He gave hisAn unreserved apology to those who suffered unacceptable behavior during their time with the Red Arrows, particularly the three women who felt they had no choice but to complain directly to my predecessor.“, he declared. “During the period covered by the investigation, the report shows that unacceptable behavior was widespread and ‘normalised’ among the Red Arrows.“, he continued, “condemned”Sexual harassment“and”A wine-centric culture“.

These behaviorsNo place in the Royal Air Force or anywhere else“, he continued, condemning the squadron and the Royal Air Force as a detriment.”Minority individuals“. This is not the first time the British military has been rocked by such reports. The navy launched an investigation a year ago, prompted by the testimony of one of the first women on the submarine’s crew who denounced sexual harassment and bullying.

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